What’s a Kumzits?

In case you were wondering about our name…

Kumzits (קומזיץ) is a Yiddish or Jewish-ish expression for a gathering, often musical in nature. The word kumzits is likely a portmanteau of the Yiddish words for “come” and “sit,” but it’s more than that.

A kumzits has the type of warmth and vibe it’s difficult to explain unless you’ve been to one. And while a kumzits often takes place by a campfire with people strumming along as the crowd sings or shares inspirational stories, news, gossip, or random tidbits, a kumzits is a mood like no other. It’s cozy. It’s intimate. A kumzits is a gathering of reassurance and remembrance wrapped in one.

Like our Celtic counterparts, The Jewish people have a long history of oral storytelling and news sharing. The world feels really dark right now, especially with antisemitism increasing internationally. Our hope is to bring our brethren and allies together through a fun and interesting resource and conversation starter. The Kumzits is our place to share Jewish news and updates, and we hope it adds some light to your day.

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